Digital Engagement for Learning


Course Description

As information technology evolves, education is experiencing innovation through new technologies incorporated into the classroom. Digital engagement has existed throughout history acting in the form of parables for social change and, acting as a motivator and facilitator to learning. In the digital age, education can be created from comic strips, TV programs, and digital games to attract and maintain and audience, whilst incorporating deliberate educational content and messages.

This course provides an overview of the new generation’s traits, locating and searching for instructional elements in comic strips, TV programs, and digital games. New emerging forms of digital engagement such as smartphones will also be introduced. Students will have an opportunity to play with many types of digital engagement in order to discuss how they can be used in the classroom. Finally, students will make observations on how learning and fun can co-exist.

Course Objectives

Following the course, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the characteristics of digital engagement for learning (edutainment);
  2. Familiarize yourself with digital engagement in various formats and analyze their instructional elements;
  3. Identify the most effective type of digital engagement for a given learning topic;
  4. Create a podcast discussing how digital engagement theories can be incorporated into classroom teaching;
  5. Reading comic strips and create a comic strip of your own;
  6. Create an instructional video clip;
  7. Play and discuss digital games in education and design an instructional game using Scratch program by MIT;
  8. Design a gamified learning environment for your students.

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