EDTECH 533: YouTube for Educators

Syllabus EDTECH 533

Catalog description

Produce educational video for YouTube using digital video cameras and editing software. Design and develop appropriate instructional activities that integrate online video. Examine the benefits and controversial aspects of video sharing in the classroom.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course the student will be able to

  • Access, analyze, evaluate, use, or create educational video or media assets.
  • Curate and organize educational videos on YouTube.
  • Create video playlist lessons that map to the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains.
  • Record reflective commentary with a video camera or webcam.
  • Synchronize an accurate text caption track on a video.
  • Use appropriate privacy settings for sharing video uploaded to YouTube.
  • Locate, evaluate, and use legal media for video projects.
  • Use presentation software (i.e., PowerPoint) to prepare a visual concept lesson for video.
  • Use screencasting software and a microphone to create a narrated PowerPoint movie.
  • Conduct background research for a short documentary video.
  • Use a portable digital video camera to record educational video segments.
  • Use video editing software to produce high-quality video for YouTube.
  • Compose a short video documentary with media assets that effectively tell the story or convey the information.
  • Use a special effect in an educational video to promote understanding of the topic.
  • Use screenrecording technology to prepare a video-editing tutorial.
  • Design and produce educational interactive video.
  • Create a storyboard that documents the video production process.
  • Collaboratively discuss educational video production and the role of YouTube in education.

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