EDTECH 512: Online Course Design

EDTECH 512 Syllabus

Catalog description

This course emphasizes an instructional design approach to the development of online courses that are engaging and effective, and in alignment with standards and best practice as identified by research. Course participants will create a fully-developed online course customized for use in their own instructional setting. Participants are guided through the process of conducting needs assessments, defining course goals and objectives, designing instructional lesson plans, activities and materials, and assessments. Consideration is given to various models of online delivery, content organization and presentation, and graphic design principles.

Learning outcomes

The following are the goals for EdTech 512: Online Course Design:

  • Identify, describe, and apply learning theories and best practices for designing effective online courses.
  • Using an instructional design approach to course development, create a fully online course consisting of syllabus, a minimum of five modules, integrated learning activities and assessments, and implementation ready.
  • Apply principles of visual literacy.
  • Apply graphic design concepts and principles in all course products.
  • Critique and evaluate online courses
  • Collaborate in design teams

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