EDTECH 502: Internet for Educators


Course Description

Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information found on the Internet. Design and produce instructional Web pages using a combination of software and HTML/CSS code. Apply appropriate instructional strategies and models to the design of digital curriculum.

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student will be able to

  • create Web pages using HTML;
  • develop Web pages using CSS templates;
  • create a default page for a website;
  • apply file management skills to maintain local and remote Web site files and folders;
  • write HTML and CSS code correctly so that it validates under W3C standards;
  • copy and paste code into a Web page;
  • write CSS to position Web page content;
  • write and apply an external CSS style sheet to multiple Web pages;
  • write and apply alternative style sheets;
  • create a navigation menu for multiple Web pages;
  • create graphics in the appropriate format for Web pages;
  • modify images using image editing software;
  • insert images correctly into Web pages;
  • create client-side image maps;
  • apply appropriate design principles to create professional looking websites;
  • create accessible Web pages for individuals with disabilities;
  • adhere to rules of netiquette when corresponding with others on the Internet;
  • identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines for website development;
  • use Internet search tools to locate high-quality instructional content;
  • develop appropriate rules of netiquette for a specified group of learners;
  • develop a page of hot links to essential information about Web accessibility;
  • develop an Internet scavenger hunt learning activity that integrates Internet resources;
  • develop a Jigsaw cooperative learning activity that integrates Internet resources;
  • develop an online learning activity for mobile devices;
  • develop a WebQuest learning activity that integrates Internet resources;
  • develop a virtual field trip learning activity that integrates multimedia an Internet resources.

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